Monday, October 4, 2010


I have been hitting up this place since i was about 17. One of my first serious boyfriends and i used to go all the time. On the morning after y nineteenth birthday i had a jug of daiquiris for breakfast on the patio (this was when you could still see the menu written on the wall outside and there were no heat lamps.). And I still go! Ok, the owner can be a bit much for some people. My bf is horrified by the fact that he always wear open toed sandals. But the food is so good! Everyone has there regular dish here. Alison seems to favour the Halibut Burger, Both my sisters insist on the Chicken burger. I for one am totally loyal to the Lamb burger with half regular fries and half Caesar salad. There are a number of reasons why i keep going back.
  1. Service: Some people love it and some hate it. I have never had anything but great service, but i think a sense of humour (as oppose to a sense of entitlement) is key. Yes i know that you are spending your hard earned money and you expect the best. But who are you punishing by going in with mile high expectations instead of a good attitude? Just saying...
  2. Place: it's right downtown and the perfect walk to the movie theatre after a meal. Date night, yes!
  3. Food: That's what this is all about, right? I almost always have the lamb burger as mentioned above, but i have also tried the the roasted garlic with cambzola moose, the potsickers, the smoked tuna sandwich, the various salad mains, and some other stuff i can't remember over the course of the past 10 years. What i am trying to get at is that it was all good if not awesome.
  4. The Caesar dressing: Maybe you think this should go under the food heading but i disagree. Too many places in this fine foodie city us bottle Caesar. This is unacceptable! You have a kitchen, right? You have a mixer? Possibly even an emulsifier? I want it real! I want the anchovy, caper, garlic, Parmesan goodness! Ok fine, you don't want to use raw eggs, fair enough. But at least try to make something that you are proud of. Same thing goes for croutons! There is so little that goes into a Caesar salad that i think each part should be the highest quality possible. Just my opinion. and if you can't tell my the rant, they get it 110% right! sometimes I get some extra for the table to share as fries dip, it's that good!
So ok, maybe you hate the owner. Maybe you think they are all a bunch of hipsters. Fine, fair enough. But the food? Seriously? I haven't been able to find the match for it, at least consistency wise, in this city yet.

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