Monday, October 18, 2010

Relish on the Side

I went out for lunch with Pat on Friday. I know, lucky me, right? Anyways, we decided on Relish as our destination. If you have spent even a moment on Urbanspoon or any of the other local foodie blogs you know that relish is getting a lot of attention. And that is why it took me so long to go there. Places that get a lot of buzz turn me off a lot of the time. I don't know, maybe it's my 17 year old inner self wanting to be different or something. Whatever it is, it has held me back from relish, until now.
And i am now starting to hate my 17 year old inner self. It has wasted my time on food that was not as good as relish. Let me break it down for you;
  • I heard a rumour that the owner is OCD (ok, how cool would it be to be a local restaurant owner and be cool enough to have insane rumours floating around about you?) and if he does, he puts it to really good use. Every thing is home made. Ok, not at his home ( I assume) but made in shop by hands that you may have held or touched in your life. get it? not a machine, but a person who gives a fuck about how your lunch will taste.
  • Ok, this one could kinda go under the first one but when love is involved you break all the rules. THE HOMEMADE BACON!!! I put it in caps because i knew you wouldn't be able to believe what you were reading. Yup, they do it. I wanna order this stuff, so salty and chewy but not too fatty and that smokiness, swoon!!! Pigs never had it so good.
  • The location is great. High ceilings, bright windows and local photography (Pat's Friend!!!! I feel like i am practically famous just by proximity!) and it's on Pandora. Oh no, you say. Pandora is dirty and scary and full of crackheads. OK, if you really did just say that, you have somehow stumbled onto the wrong blog. I'm sorry. Ok, it can get a bit messy around Our place, But this place is a comfort in that world of uncertainty. That good food wins over McDonalds and mental illness. or, at least it does today.
So what did we get other than Bacon? We decided to split the chicken with bacon and brie sandwich and the roasted eggplant and pepper with goat cheese sandwich to which we added bacon (yesssss!) and also an heirloom tomato and cucumber salad. We took them to the park up the street behind welburns because all the great reviews have pretty much ruined any chance of finding a seat in this place at lunch. But it was sunny and I was with a hilarious friend so yay for park picnics!! between the two sandwiches, we decided that the chicken was the best but only slightly. i think the amazing tenderness as well as the perfect seasoning won us over. The veggie sandwich was not bad in anyway, but the chicken was just some how sublime. The salad was ok. Tomatoes aren't great this year, it's a sad but true fact. all in all we paid under $30 for two sandwiches, a salad and two drinks. In Victoria, that counts as an awesome deal, and with food that is this high quality, it felt like theft. We wanted to go back and high five the owner but didn't. Next time, we will tip large in thanks for the bounty he has placed at the feet of Victoria residence and be grateful.

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