Monday, October 18, 2010

Oh Azuma, What happened?!?

I have been a huge Azuma fan for years. I have converted coutless people to the rice with sauce. I told people about the excellent spicy sauce. But something has happened. Things started to change. I wanted to be charitable, not a fair weather friend. Now, I'm done. The rice has been dry, the sushi has been cut too large to fit in my mouth, and the service has sucked! I'm not asking for a lot here! If you read this blog at all you will know that i don't expect any ass kissing or to have people at my beck and call. Hell, i usually get take out at Azuma and they still manage to piss me off with their suckyness. All of this makes me pretty sad really. This was one of my spots along with Siam, ferris' and a few others. Now I need to find a new sushi place to replace it and i feel a little adrift...

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