Monday, September 13, 2010


I took my friend James to Devour today. He had never been and since he is a healthier kind of guy, I was excited to bring him. Have you been? It is exquisite! That's not a word I throw around but here is the thing, it's all local! The menu changes everyday, that's how season dependant these women are. And it is women. One in the front, one in the back. And the place is tiny and filled with cookbooks. It's like foodie heaven. I seem to always get the sandwiches with salad. Today was no exception to their awesomneness: Bacon, tomato and brie on a lovely baguette with some kind of homemade mayo (garlic?). The bread was chewy and crispy, the bacon was tender and caramelized, the tomatoes were fresh and the brie was melty. The creamy homemade mayo just pulled it all together. And then there was the salad. I'm not usually into side salads. they are just kind of plate dressing for me, but at this place, i just inhale it! nothing on the plate remains at the end! I left full and happy for $10 and that is a pretty good deal. James seemed pretty into it too. he got the smashed chickpea sandwich. Sounds kinda lame to me because of my deep hatred of legumes (totally different story) but he was pretty into it and also enjoyed his salad.
I had a great lunch with a lovely friend at an amazing local place. This is the kind of place that deserves our support because, by buying and selling local food, they support us.
Yay for Devour!

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