Tuesday, October 26, 2010


What a glorious world we live in! Sorry about the over abundance of optimism, but i just ate at Pig Dog. It's amazing! Ok, I am a huge hot dog fan. I just love them! hand held meat in a manageable bun, sooo good. Street meat after the bar used to be one of my favorite vices before i became a mom. Now Pig Dog has come to fill a hole in my culinary landscape that I didn't know existed (the hole, not the landscape).
My lovely boyfriend Evan and i went on a lunch date to Pig Dog. All morning we texted back and forth about how excited we were for this lunch. In retrospect, i am lucky to have a partner that is rad enough to love hot dogs on this level. Anyways, we giggled our way to the view street location in anticipation of a dog done right. The selection was perfect, nothing too fancy but plenty to consider. Three kinds of sausages:
  1. Regular (hot dog)
  2. Turkey
  3. Spicy Smokey
Don't be fooled, they are all smokey like in texture and size. Also, I chose the amazing turkey and felt pretty great about being the healthy one until i was informed that it was full of duck fat. Oh well, who cares! Duck fat? that just sounds down right classy!

Add ons:
  • Cheese
  • bacon
  • fried onions
  • chili
Combo Dogs:
  • Pig Dog
  • Chili Dog

Sides and Bevs:
  • Coleslaw
  • Potato Salad
  • Chili
  • Pretzel
  • Soda
  • Ice Tea
  • Bottled Water

Anyway, I settled on the turkey dog with bacon, cheese and fried onions ( oh ya, health nut over here!) while the lovely Evan went with the Pig Dog. (Cue dramatic music). The Pig Dog is a dog like no other. It is a hot dog with bacon, fried onions and pulled pork. That's right, the stuff that made the Pig bbq joint famous is available on a hot dog!!! The poor boy didn't understand that this would still all involve a hot dog. I think he is currently undergoing some meat sweats, but totally earned them. We also got an orange soda and an ice tea. The ice tea is great because it is just that; iced tea. not nestea or brisk ice tea or some other form of powdered, canned or syrup form. it was once tea bags, water, maybe some lemon and a bit of sugar. Now it is a cold beverage. Cleans the palate perfectly!
So everything was exactly what i wanted. And as you know, i am uber preggo and i want things in a way that no unpregnant person can understand. i can cry over ice cream and toss my cookies over mussels that are just a little bit less than fresh. I am a chefs worst nightmare right now and am thoroughly enjoying it. And I hope you head down to this place. It is as local as they come minuse the pretentiousness that some of these "local" places come across with. The sausages are made at the Village Butcher in Oak Bay and I have loved their sausages for years. So ya, supporting this place goes a long way in supporting other suppliers and distributors which keeps things cheap and fresh.
Thanks Pig Dog. You satisfied a pregnancy craving in a way you may never understand.

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  1. Love your food blogging! Keep it up.

  2. Well thank you Marc! Just for that, i will now work on my final Sushi review for the best Sushi in Victoria Showdown!