Thursday, October 7, 2010

Pho Hoa

Yes. I know. Pho Hoa is the McDonald's of Vietnamese food. I get it. That being said, i don't even go for the Pho, so who the hell cares?
i went for lunch with my ever lunch ready pal, Jeffy. We decided to hit up pho hoa because I am pregnant. Oh sorry, does that not make sense. Ok, I am pregnant so I like to eat, but also there isn't as much room and I get icky full really easily. So I like light food and lots of it! That is where Pho Hoa comes in. i love those vermicelli bowls. You know, with the noodle, the fresh veggies, some kind of grilled meat and a roll all served with that lovely fish sauce. Oh god! It's light, refreshing and had to screw up. Since it is hard to screw up, I haveit at Pho Hoa. Know why? because Victoria Foodies hate pho hoa. They turn up their noses and walk across the street to Pho Vy, leaving pho hoa less busy and the service faster. The food is cheap to mid range, the service is whatever but good enough for a quick lunch. My only real complaint is that the vermicelli bowl is no longer served in a bowl. It's served on one of those stylish square plates that i effing hate! Why get fancy?!? so useless, but I'm not going to complain too much.

Jeffy had the Pho against my urging. It had chicken in it.The chicken looked gross!! gray and slimy and just icky. (it didn't loo anything like the picture below. At All!!!!) He wasn't into it at all. Also, the noodles looked clumped together and the broth kinda greasy. I don't do pho so I have no clue if it was actually good or not, but he seemed to be a bit put off. Whatever, I warned him. I find that soup is not usually worth ordering anyway.

So i had a good time and I will continue to go there because something that hard to mess up should only be a block away and that is how far it is from my office to Pho Hoa.

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