Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Oh Siam...

I had lunch with the ever lovely Jeffy today at Siam. We both seem to agree on this place as a lunch destination and I'm pretty sure i know why: Chicken Noodle Delight.
Chicken Noodle Delight is the terrible name they use for something bordering on the sublime. It's this saucy, peanuty, noodly goodness. I'm full but I would still eat more. no one who I have taken there has ever complained about the taste or quality of this dish. My other Favorites would have to be their vegetarian green curry (Spicy!) and their spinach with tofu in chili sauce. The Spinach is so tender and juicy and the light sauce just screams for rice to drench it in. Jeff actually suggested not getting rice. Lo and behold he was the first one going back for seconds of it just so he could have some more of the amazing sauce from the spinach. See, it's that kind of good.
So yes, this place is good. The service is usually awesome, but we had a new girl today and she was a little off her game. it's cool, we all need to learn, right? The guy who seems to work most of the week day lunches is awesome, always smiling and ready to help or just stay out of your way if you're in the middle of something.
So thank you Siam Thai on Fort street for being an awesome Victoria Restaurant!

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