Monday, August 30, 2010

I hate you Walmart, PLUS the Best Chinese place that I don't want to tell you about!

Dear Walmart,
I hate you with a hatred that i didn't i know I could hold in my soul. Here is why:
The DVD player broke, but it's not just a dvd player. It the surround sound system, it's our entertainment unit. it's our cartoon to toddler delivery system! So we went to Walmart early one Friday morning. It's the new Walmart. It's one of those huge SuperStore type places that make me want to curl up in the fetal position. Too much Stuff!!!!
So we shop for awhile, being waited on by the poor AV staff who know nothing about anything. One of them doesn't actually speak much english and I felt super bad for him. And then we find our new system. It's on sale because it's the floor model, but they claim it works plus it is over 50% off!! It doesn't have a remote so they throw in a universal one for free!!! this all takes over an hour (they don't know how to ring it in. Sometimes they just stand there and stare at us.) But we get it and get out of that god forsaken place.
Ever hooked up a surround sounds system before? How about take one down. Ever done both in on evening while pregnant and icky feeling? Ya, don't. It's a stupid idea. I finally get it all set up and go to program the remote. Doesn't Fucking work! I spend more time on the remote than the actual set up! We ended up going to walmart two more times that week, once to get a new remote and then again to return the whole thing. They stole hours from my life and I want them back!

Alright, you waded through the venom in my soul, here is the Chinese review:

There is this place. I have been going there since I was to young to remember. It's one of those places that has hunks of dead animals hanging in the window. Until recently they only accepted cash ( I miss that, it really kept people out.) and no one there spoke English. It's called Wah Lai Yuen and it is the only place in town to get Wonton Noodle soup and BBQ Pork.
Yes, they have other things. They're buns are great. They have those combo plates that people like and they are insanely big. The $13 is a pretty clear indication but still, the portion size is big enough for two or three. But the wonton noodle makes me swoon. the broth is like an elixir that makes me feel light and happy. i don't want to know what's in the soup , that would probably ruin everything. And the service, well it's all about the love. The yelling Chinese women love. There is no formality, you walk in they gesture to a table (possibly clean) and drop off some menus. When you close your menus they ask what you want and then leave. After they bring your food, they don't check to see how it is, they just let you eat it. they drop off the bill when they clear your dishes, you pay and go. It is cheap and easy and has a homey feel that i crave almost weekly.

Please don't tell anyone about this place. It is one of Victoria's best Kept secrets.
And if you haven't yet, check out Urbanspoon Victoria! The link is below.
Urbanspoon Rocks!

Wah Lai Yuen Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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