Tuesday, September 7, 2010

High class with a toddler

We went to Vancouver this weekend for my sister's engagement party. I love my sister very much, and that is the only reason why i would put myself through all that travel over a long weekend. I think, the less said about it, the better.
The day after we got back, we decided to go out for lunch. My darling toddler wanted to go for wonton noodle at Wah Lai Yuen but they are closed on Mondays. My boyfriend suggested Santiago's, which i was all for, but mid way there I got this intense craving fro the macaroni grill. That's pretty odd as I have only actually been there once and that was many years ago for my grandma's birthday. But when a pregnant women wants something and happens to be behind the wheel of a car, there is very little that can stop her. I was a little scared as this seemed like an actual restaurant, not the Red Robbin kind with cheesy music and balloons and plastic cups and food in baskets.
So we walk in and the first thing i notice is kids. There are a ton of kids in this place! i swear every other table was a family with a young child! I started to relax a little. My toddler had to go to the bathroom and fell in love with it. There was a bench with pillows on it and she thought that was amazing. She wanted to just hang out there, lounging, and have out food brought to us here. Oh silly toddler! At the table, there were tall wine glasses and actual linen napkins. Bliss! I have gotten so used to paper napkins and cutlery and glasses only brought out with an order. They have a paper table topper over the table cloth and crayons on every table, regardless of children present. We spent a lot of time drawing pictures and writing notes over the course of our hour lunch. They have a kids menu and it was decent, the only problem was the it didn't list prices.
All in all, it was a great spot for lunch. i had the Pasta Milano. Not the greatest, will try something else next time for sure, but in no way offensive. I am very picky so I try not to hold people up to the standards i hold myself up to when i cook. My boyfriend really enjoyed the sweet pepper and sausage pasta and the toddler devoured the pizza.  We all left full and satisfied, and I left happy to have found somewhere a little fancier where we could come for a family date.

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