Thursday, September 2, 2010

Where did they come up with the name Alzu's?

You know what's a fun thing to do on a Wednesday? Well I'll tell you! My fav thing to do is to pick up my darling toddler from Daycare, get her a quick snack and then head over to the pool. It's a block away and a super awesome fun time! I'm pregnant so I really like to float around at the moment and she is a toddler, so splashing never goes out of fashion. Actually, her main focus is something she calls Water Ballet. She hums to herself while dancing in the kids pool and making dramatic arm gestures. It's one of the awesomest displays of toddler cool I've ever seen. And the great thing about the pool is it keeps her entertained for a good hour at least so that means I float for an hour and we all end up happy and with slightly dried out skin.
And what better way to celebrate an awesome time at the pool? Dinner at Alzu's of course! Have you been to this place? It's open all night so the clientele at any given time is hilarious. I'm am especially partial to the people who wear sunglasses inside at night and go to the bathroom at lot (it's 8pm and this is not Hush, what are you thinking?). Also, last night there was a table of four. i kid you not, they all had their lap tops and they were all on facebook! It was amazing. I actually looked at their table after they left to see if they left some kind of clue about their existence!
Ok, the food. They serve breakfast 24/7. I don't eat breakfast, so i don't care that much except for one thing: Toddlers love pancakes for dinner. It drives them insane! the idea of having for dinner on a week night something you only ever get in the morning on the weekend is just mind boggling to them!
For me, it's all about the curly fires. They have them and I want them. I usually go with a chicken wrap, your usual chicken Caesar. I dont' really like the fact that sometimes the person in the kitchen tries to get fancy and grill the wrap after it is wrapped. There is lettuce in there buddy, have some respect! I went with Michelle last night and she got the quesadilla. I've never been a quesadilla person, just not into all that melted cheese (insane, right?) but she seemed into it. One icky moment for me was when she asked if there was guacamole the server (I'll get into him in a second) said that there might be some and he would look around. Her guac came but is it really something you want if people don't even know if it's there? Where did he find it?
Ok, the server is this little Hobbit guy, total reformed biker look (or maybe not reformed) who i really want to call Alzu. He could be the guy! Anyway, he is awesome. understands that we rolled in with two toddlers and seated us closest to the bathroom and farthest from EVERYONE ELSE! This guy knows the deal and I appreciated it. he told us on our way out that he has five kids. Ya, i liked being served by someones dad. Dad's don't take any crap from anyone and they are honest (hence the look for the guac comment).
This place is serving ok food, but I still like it because it's comfortable and cheap and totally unpretentious.

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