Thursday, August 26, 2010

A first post, an explanation and so much more!

Welcome to my first post. You may be wondering what kind of odd blog you've stumbled upon. This is a foodie blog, but also it is a mom blog, a pregnant chick blog, a hard working chick who likes to have fun blog. Can you dig it?
So, little background: I'm a mom and pregnant with my second child. i love to cook and I love to eat. I especially like to eat at amazing restaurants. Too bad I live in Victoria, hey? Ok, there are some and I will chronicle my yummy times in them. But here is the thing, I take a toddler out for food sometimes. Some of you really hate this. Too bad. You were a toddler once and the world put up with you. And my toddler is well behaved and a very nice and smart person, unlike many adults I know. So no, i don't care if I get dirty looks from you baby haters when I walk into a nice restaurant. Because, here is the thing, i get them at kid friendly places too. Why do you child haters go there? for the food??? Ok, that is my rant for today, but be warned, your looks will only make me more bold in my dinning.
So, my toddler came back from a little trip yesterday and to celebrate we took her to her favorite restaurant: Red Robbins. I don't hate RR's. Sometimes I even enjoy it. It's consistent and that's more than I can say for a lot of places in this city. But not this time! First of all, they tried to seat us at one of those really high tables around the bar area. with a toddler. do you see the issue here. One of two things could come of this. My child could fall or she could treat her chair and table like a jungle gym. Neither of those options make for a nice dinner. We had to wait another 15 minutes. Fine, busy night. I get it. So we get a seat and the hostess is very nice and everything is fine until... ok, how long does it take our server to take our drink orders? He has introduced himself. but not asked. 15 minutes. That's how long. Our drink orders (apple juice and two club sodas) then take another 20. We haven't even ordered yet! Again, i understand that when a place is busy things take time, but seriously?!?
OK, deep breath. We order. Since I am pregnant i decide that i HAVE TO HAVE POUTINE. that's just the way it is. I ask about it and the server is totally noncommittal. "ya, it's good. the cheese curds are real." all said with a shrug. I order it thinking maybe he just isn't a fan. 30 minutes later ( i kid you not) we get our food. THERE IS NO GRAVY ON MY POUTINE!!! what the hell is this? are they trying to fuck with my head. there are cheese curds so the knew i want some kind of fry addition. I want it to be know that the whole time this is going on i am calm and sweet. I don't get angry or admonish anyone. I simply ask for gravy. Our server (not the original, maybe he went on a break) returns quickly with gravy. ya, it's not great. I should have saved my craving for the Better Poutine places in town, but I'll take what i get.
The Bill comes and THEY CHARGE ME FOR GRAVY!
I didn't yell or scream or lose my mind. I pointed out the error and paid my bill. And then, known to the staff, I put a curse on the franchise. Just a little one. Maybe a bug problem, maybe a manager gets caught in a scandal that rocks the very foundation of their family restaurant.
And there we are, first blog done. More a rant. Sorry bout that.
Recipe for the yummiest chicken ever comming sooooooon!

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