Friday, August 5, 2011

Halibut House

Ever heard of Halibut House. Ya, me neither but now we live near it so I drive by it all the time. It's a chinese place and the name was so adorable that I had to look it up on Urbanspoon. Lo and behold, it had a super high rating. Huh? So we ordered take out and it was so great! We had the house special chow mein, the ginger chicken and the sweet and sour pork. When I picked it up, the women I spoke to was lovely. I think she must have been one of the owners. She was talking to someone who must have been a regular and the regular obviously adores the restaurant. The inside of the place is pretty whatever but we did pick up and don't really care what our local chinese place looks like anyways. The food was hot and fresh when I got it home. Everything was great. The chow mein was not greasy and the meat and shrimp were plentiful and identifiable. The ginger chicken had a great sauce that was not overly gooey or sweet, just right. The sweet and sour pork was tender and had just the right balance of sweet and vinegar without the use of too much thickening corn starch. An A+ all around. Can't wait to order again and try out some of the other dishes. This place definitely deserves our business and I am so stoked that there is an awesome chinese option outside of downtown.

Halibut House on Urbanspoon

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