Friday, January 21, 2011

Bon Rouge

This review will be a quicky. I think i am becoming too picky. I have heard great things about the Bon Rouge but the two times i have been there have been really meh. My wonderful and lovely boss likes this place and twice we have gone there for a kinda celebratory work lunch. the first time I had the Steak Tartar. It is not something i would order in a lot of places, but this is a french restaurant. The decor is lovely and the chairs are comfy and i happily awaited my tartar. it came. meh. The meat was not the highest quality and the cutting was done without delicacy. i know this sounds totally snobbish, but this is raw meat! When you serve meat in it`s natural state, it has to be the best quality and preparation possible. I just don`t see the point in serving it otherwise.
The next time i went, it was a very cold day and i was very pregnant so no cold raw meat for me. i ordered a small salad to start and the bouillabaisse as my main. OK victoria restaurants, what is with the huge lettuce leaf salads. in a bowl no less! how am i supposed to cut up my salad in a bowl. and why am i expected to cut up my salad. it`s either that or shove huge pieces of greenery into my face, something i am just not that into.
the bouillabaisse was bland, the fennel woody, there was very little seafood and the muscles were just past fresh. not scary past fresh, but with that little bit of tangyness that will turn any pregnant woman`s stomach.
Am i a total bitch. am i asking for too much from this city of a million restaurants. if i am, let me know.  i long to be impressed and comforted by the food in this city and some places consistently hit the mark, its finding new places that seems to be tough.
tomorrow, i have a dinner reservation at Ulla. fingers crossed!

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  1. *mussels

    Get it together.

  2. oh, i am the first to admit that i suck at all things spelling and punctuation related. i usually spell check but i am also exceptionally lazy and absentminded. I would like to blame all of this on being 39 weeks pregnant, but in actuality i am only 38 weeks pregnant so no excuses there.
    But there are some people who are just killed by this kind of thing. i know it for a fact. i believe my twin sister is one of them. So, sorry about that mystery person. I woul say I`ll try harder, but that doesn`t seem like the truth.


  4. Bahahahaah! Pregnant women are Smug!
    fucking ya we are!
    But that is the point, you know. It`s all about an overgrown sense of entitlement. It is just one of the many adorable facets of my personality, along with bad spelling, grammer and punctuation and distinct lack of an eye for detail.