Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Shiki Sushi - In search of better sushi Part 3

this is the final review in our search for better sushi. i should preface this by saying that i am writing this on a new lap top that i haven`t figured out yet. one of the things «i haven`t figured out is some of the punctuation so, questions marks will have t be implied. ok, onward with the final sushi review
This is an old review. i have been very busy and this blog has fallen fallen from my list of priorities. Basically, i am very pregnant and sleepy. But awhile ago i went to Shiki with Nathan and Sara for the final instalment in our search for great sushi. This lunch was a revelation that Sara doesn't actually like sushi very much. Huh? she's not a fan of fish or seafood in general. WTF! Ok, so she would be commenting on the other areas of japanese cuisine that nathan and I were sure to overlook.
I had my usual rice with sauce, spicy tuna roll, tempura roll and to keep it interesting  had a tune and green onion cone roll (negitoro cone).
Nathan had a bento box of assorted sushi and sashimi and sara had the plain udon.
I will start with Nathans: when i read assorted sushi and sashimi that is exactly what i expect. What he got was two or three pieces of california roll (uggh) and a few pieces of raw fish on rice. the rice was tired looking, had no sheen of freshness. The prawns were really one prawn split in half to make two rolls. i hate it when they do that!!! it is just the cheesiest thing. ok, not very impressed.
Sara really liked her udon. she had no complaints about it at all. We also all split some tempura and agreed that it was fresh and very tasty, not over battered or over cooked at all. big thumbs up on that.
ok, I had the rice with sauce. Booo! the rice was ld, the sauce was luke warm. it was just a salty goopy mess. maybe japanese village spoiled me but this was so sub par it reminded me why we started this search in the first place, because victoria restaurants have become complacent and they need to know that people won't pay for gross slop. or at least this person won't.
The negitoro cone was actually very good. nathan and sara had never seen one before and there was a fun discussion on how we would consume it on a date and still look human. It would make a great street food. all the other rolls had way too much rice. like over flowing, belly aching amounts of rice that made me hate rice. there was no way the flavours of the fish or spicy sauce could stand out in any way. I suppose i could have deconstructed the sushi and tried the actual filling to find out how good t was, but i wanted to eat it as the chef had served it.
So, for my purposes, shiki sucked. there was nothing there that i would gt excited to order again. they did have some really neat roll combinations but they were all about 11 bucks each. would totally consider it if they were cheaper and only piece or two, but i am not that into having one huge insane roll for a meal.

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